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Our team of security experts provide various services to fit your unique needs ranging from source code auditing to full scope vulnerability assessments to security education and training.

Source Code Review

Adversary Simulation


Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing

Education & Training


Project Insecurity is a tight-knit cybersecurity organization passionate about technology and focused on reducing security risks. We work to help secure the planet through specialized training, consulting services, and responsible disclosure of zero-day vulnerabilities.

Real-World Experience

We have helped secure fortune 500 corporations as well as government entities. Some organizations we’ve helped secure include the US Department of Defense, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, and various others.

Unique Methodologies

We utilize unique security methodologies developed from years of information security experience. Our team uses multiple approaches to simulate the mindset of different attackers and identify potential security risks.

No Bugs, No Fee Policy

We have a strict “no bugs, no fee” policy which states that if we fail to find any vulnerabilities, in the agreed upon scope, there is no charge for the audit.